GPS Tracking


GPS tracking enables us to determine what a target’s car’s movements are in detail.

It is used in cases ranging from suspected infidelity to employee absenteeism or insurance claim checking. They have even been used for child abduction and tracing cases.

And sometimes much more.


The tracking device has multiple options for discreet placement on or in a car. The car’s location and route is tracked using GPS Technology.

Sometimes access is available to the car’s internal area (company car, husband or wife access). In this case trackers are available with an audio function to listen to conversations within the car. The legality of the audio depends on who the owner of the car is.

Visual Surveillance

Once the tracker is placed you (or us) are then able to monitor the movements of the car on a detailed map either in real time or historically.

SMS or email alerts are sent to your PC or phone when the car starts or stops so you don’t have to monitor the car all the time.

Just when it matters.

Physical Follow Up

This is very useful when used as a preliminary to many physical surveillances as it produces more background information such as new pickup points from regular stop offs and habits illustrated by the route the car takes and when.

E.g. you know the car stopped off outside 5 houses but would like to know which one the subject went into and whom he or she saw. And have photos taken when he/she or both emerge.


If you wish us to do the car tracker monitoring for you, we can give you two quotes. With and without doing this for you.

Whichever you choose you will have a complete history of where the car went, when, stop offs and for how long.

If you wish to discuss whether or how Car Tracking can be useful in your case, please Contact Us or click on Live Chat for an immediate connection.